Youth Leadership Program


The overall curriculum has been designed to meet broad based objectives. Seminar topics, speakers and activities may vary from one class to another depending on current issues. Each seminar has been designed after extensive review and evaluation processes based on what works and has been approved by the Curriculum Committee. The general curriculum topics have already been determined. It is not possible to discuss every issue in each seminar that everyone wishes. Each seminar day will be packed with touring opportunities, forums, presentations and leadership activities. we will do our best to provide a range of activities and speakers for each seminar to maintain your interest. The evaluation process is extremely important to our planning efforts. At the close of each course day, you will be asked to evaluate the seminar, the speakers and the accommodations. We welcome suggestions or recommendations for improvements.

What Leadership Hot Springs Expects From Participants:

Attendance: Everyone is expected to attend every one of the sessions, from its beginning to its conclusion. Many people have made large investments of finances and time to bring this program to you and to our community. The Leadership class day is a full day of participation. Everyone is expected to be in attendance the full day unless you have permission from the director to leave early. If there are problems with attendance at seminars, the Leadership Hot Springs Board of Directors will review continued participation. Missing more than two (2) sessions voids graduation from this program, but may be allowed to complete the program in future years. Courtesy of informing the director of leaving due to emergency. Unexcused absences are reviewed by the Board of Directors.

Conduct: Participants are expected to show the highest level of personal and professional conduct. As a role model for your classmates and other community members, participants are asked to remember that perception is reality and thus, members should not participate in any activity that would bring disrespect to themselves, to their communities or to the Leadership Hot Springs program. All cell phones and pagers must be turned off or to a silent mode during class sessions. Breaks are provided during the day for your use in making phone calls, etc. 

Listening: Bring an OPEN mind to each session. We will be dealing with issues that are often controversial and you will be visiting with people whose opinions may differ from yours. Listen to the others' ideas first. Determine the value those ideas may have or may not have for you and your community. 

Guest Speakers: Show respect for each day chairperson, for sponsors, speakers and for your classmates. Even when you disagree with them, they deserve your respect. It is always appropriate to express strong opinions in class. Be prepared to defend your position, but do not belittle or criticize others in the process. In the same vein, do not monopolize any session by espousing your personal views to the detriment of the program. 

Dress Code: The dress code for the opening retreat will be casual attire, including jeans or shorts when the weather and activities permit. The dress code for the remaining seminars will be "business dress". This will include a suit or sports jacket for the men and suits, dresses or pants outfits for women. On Environment Day, casual wear will also be appropriate. Additional recommendations will be made based on what our experience suggest is appropriate for the situation. 

Homework: Complete each homework assignment in a timely manner. Your homework assignments are designed to enhance the program and will greatly add to your understanding of each seminar. 

Thank You Notes: It will be your responsibility to insure the success and vitality of future programs by expressing appreciation to the day chairs, presenters, tour guide, and speakers. Many of these individuals have been with the program for a number of years. Your expression of appreciation to them will be of tremendous benefit to us as we call upon them for future participation. We urge you to write thank you notes to those resources people that you meet through this program. 

Class Goal: Each class is asked to determine a goat to accomplish for the community or a project that they can be involved with following the completion of the program. Each class elects officers to help organize and administer the goals and projects. By working together the class will get to know each other's skills develops. Service is a key characteristic of a leader. 

Most importantly, broaden your knowledge, develops leadership skills and prepares the giving back to your community.