The Road to Leadership Begins Here

The Selection Committee will objectively evaluate each applicant’s leadership potential, their sphere of influence, and demonstrated or expressed interest for constructive involvement in community affairs.

The following will be considered in the evaluation of each applicant:

  • Applicant’s previous involvement in his/her community and in own sponsoring business or organization.
  • Leadership potential.
  • Motivation/Attitude.
  • Honors/Recognition received.
  • Education/Training.
  • Career Background/Work Experience.
  • Special consideration (estimated time available for community work, resources available to the applicant to carry out community work)

*Applications are accepted without regard to sex, race or color, national origin, handicap/disability, age, religion or political affiliation.

*Applications are subject to confidential evaluation.

The goal of Leadership Hot Springs is to identify new or existing leaders in the community who can assume a leadership role in determining the future of Hot Springs. We are not concerned with leadership training in the narrow sense, but rather we are targeting the program for individuals who are already recognized for their leadership potential.

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